Mistress Tess of the UK — Guest Domme October 10-12, 2018

Mistress Tess of the UK
October 10-12, 2018

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True British Professional Dominatrix. Degree level educated, intelligent and naturally Dominant Seductress. My entire career before Professional Domination was within male orientated environments, leaving Me very well practiced using My prowess in moulding and seducing weak males into doing My biding.

I have a multi faceted personality as a Gemini, on first appearance you see the sweet and bubbly blonde but behind appearances is a smiling sadist, bewitching men and cruelly seducing them into pain for My pleasure. Another side to Me I am very well practiced in the art of sensual domination. Tie, tease and denial is amongst one of My favourites, exploiting your weaknesses to bring you to the edge of insanity.

Avid Female Supremacist using My feminine wiles to manipulate and control the male of the species. My confident sexuality is beguiling, once you are rightfully on your knees at My feet I will use your submission to please Myself, entertain Myself and put you further under My spell.

Domination comes very natural to Me. I never lack imagination and enthusiasm with My work, it’s a very personal thing to Me.
There is no bigger endorphin high than that of the power exchange between a Superior Woman such as Myself and an inferior male, especially using two of My favourite BDSM tools  to subdue you into submission.  Come and find out what they are.

I am not an escort, therefore do not provide personal / sexual services. Purely BDSM involved play only.

Come serve Me in Los Angeles, find your rightful position on your knees at My Louboutin heels. Approach Me respectfully knowing I maybe a Dominant Sensual Sadist but I also am very respectful of limits, expanding them together only if we have discussed to do so.

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