Welcome to the DOMME COLLECTIVE.   An elite group of  women who found the path to Female Domination through our various personal journeys of sexual expression and a carving to understand our own feminine power.   Every Mistress or Dominatrix has her own story of discovery and her own personalized style but there is one common denominator that we all share.  At some point in our lives, we sought it out.  To understand ourselves, we found the need to control and dominate submissive minds, to subject them to the torments of our will and bend them to fulfill our own sadistic desires.  Within this realm, we find balance.

Founded by Isabella Sinclaire, a world famous and respected dominatrix and educator, the DOMME COLLECTIVE is exactly what the name implies.  We are a collection of highly skilled and incredibly intelligent dominant women who have come together in the name of Domme Sisterhood with one goal,  to enslave and subjugate those with the willingness to explore their own deepest and darkest fantasies and bring them into reality.  All Dommes, both new and experienced, are either trained or vetted by Isabella herself.   Her goal is  set a very high standard for those who become part of the DOMME COLLECTIVE and insure that your safety is top priority and your experience into the world of surrender is exactly what you would expect it to be…safe, sane and consensual but intuitive, kinky and creative.   We also host traveling DOMMES and Guest Mistresses of the highest quality and caliber.


You will find us at Ivy Manor Studios, a fully equipped multi room facility outfitted to satisfy most, if not all forms of BDSM play.