Rum Dolor


What you have been before discovering me is only relevant as cannon fodder. Who you have pretended to be -the mask carrying you through- has no power once you cross my threshold. There is no hiding from me, you will find yourself confessing. Looking into my eyes will leave you bare, unable to withhold, sensing both a sadist & a reformer – a creator willing to break you in order to rebuild you.

What you must be outside of the dungeon is antithesis to what you truly are. Antithesis to what you need to be to kneel before me, to be worthy of kneeling to receive my collar. I’m in the business of revealing truth & rectifying damage done in the name of ‘normalcy’.

Male personas come in a limited range of shades; hobbled by expectations, perverted by an unnatural, conspiratorial status quo that elevates men & obscures women. Success of the conspiracy is a grand illusion; male power is a façade crumbling. You’ve come to this conclusion on your own, having sensed the cracks growing wider every time you lay eyes on a woman. My personal fetish is leveraging my own inborn power to manipulate your easily employed biology. My aim is to form you anew & use you for my purposes & above all, my amusement.

This is not merely a game of slap & tickle- I have an agenda. Men hoping for cookie-cutter titillation should look elsewhere. In handing the reigns over to me you will find the burden of your fraud lifting & the light of truth giving succor to your wounded, flimsy soul. You can feel how tightly my words wind around your ego, how loudly they resonate in the deepest depths of your psyche, how brightly the word ‘purpose’ glows overhead. If you’re ready to divest, cut your losses and begin transcendence these are just some of the ways I satisfy my sadism & service my agenda:


– Femdom Indoctrination & Worship

– CFNM Body & Fetish Object Worship – I do not offer nudity.

– Goddess Worship & Conversion

– Financial Domination

– Lite to Extreme Physical Sadism

– Face Slapping

– Spitting


– Flogging/ Caning

– Piercing/ Cutting

– Impact play

– Wax

– Ballbusting/ CBT

– Trampling

– Torture of all stripes

– Religious de-programming/Reprogramming

– Confession

– Blasphemy & Ritual

– Interrogation

– Behavior Monitoring & Modification – including corporal punishment

– Slave Training

– Domestic Servant Training

– Lite to Extreme Humiliation & Degradation

– Hypnosis, brainwashing, altered state programming

– Total Feminization/ Sissification & Femininity Lessons

– Tease and Denial

– Sensory & Sensation play

– Slut Training / Transformation

– Forced Bi

– Total Power Exchange & Contracts

– Predicaments & Challenges

– Cash Point Meets / Human ATM

– Chastity Training / Keyholding

– Pet Play

– Mommy Domming

– Human Ashtray

– Objectification/ Human Furniture

– Edge play

– Socio-Political Reprogramming

– Pheromone & Scent Indoctrination – My underarms are kept natural.

– Cuckolding & Cuckold Training

– Ego Assessment & Adjustment

& etcetera, according to my whim.


My sadism & lust for ceded power is very real so I don’t consider myself a role player but I do enjoy exploring my kinks & our connection in creative scenarios including medical play, sci-fi scenarios, abduction/hostage, castration & mother/son dynamics. I’m never opposed to hearing a new idea.

That said, I do not do wardrobe requests unless you’re buying the outfit or I already own it. It is always subject to my approval. I selectively take material/fabric-focused sessions & prefer leather, satin/silk & velvet to latex.