Rum Dolor


Kraft-Ebbing’s famous manual “Psychopathia Sexualis” declared the female sadist a natural rarity. Sadism, he believed, was in direct contrast with the nature of feminine sexuality, instead an aberration parroting masculine sexuality. We both know this is laughably antiquated. Sadism has a feminine essence & I stand as proof.

My own sadism, my desire to destroy, is really a creative impulse. What could be more female than creation?  You cannot create until you break down what was there before & I prefer a fresh canvas. I relish using my boundless creativity to determine what lengths you will go to please me, like an Arthurian lady sending her knight on a quest.  & though your obsession will go unrequited, I’ll toss you a scented token before you ride out to demonstrate how devoted to me you really are.

What could be more inherently feminine than the dance of a dominant’s subjugation of her submissive? My curves & sharp angles will catch your eye, mesmerizing you, drawing you in to have a closer look. Is the fiery glow around my naturally red hair a halo or a prelude to horns? You’ll approach me with caution, crawling into my web willing. You’ll mistake my lightness & laughter for laxness. Inevitably, you’ll feel at ease & speak a bit too freely. Trusting me is easy and so you’ll let me lead you away. You’ll discover while we are alone that the coquetry was a clever disguise. You will look into my eyes and realize the innocence you read in them was a ploy. You will find yourself unable to escape & unwilling to try.

“Like the lover’s pinch, which hurts & is desired.” –Anthony & Cleopatra v.2

Some of the things that please me:

  • Torture
  • Lite to Extreme Physical Sadism [impact play, strike play, needles, OTK, cutting, et al]
  • Femdom Indoctrination & Worship
  • Slave Training
  • CBT / NT / Ballbusting
  • Hypnosis [brainwashing, altered state-programming, NLP]
  • Lite to Extreme Humiliation & Degradation
  • CFNM Body & Fetish Object Worship [stockings, feet, armpits, etc]
  • Goddess Worship & Religious Deprogramming [conversion, ritual, confession, prayer, excommunication etc]
  • Financial Domination [Human ATM / Cashpoint meet / Extortion]
  • Spitting & Forced bodily fluid drinking
  • Piercing, play & permanent [trained piercing professional]
  • Interrogation [kidnapping, secret police, confession etc]
  • Behavior Monitoring & Modification – including corporal punishment
  • Domestic Servant Training
  • Total Feminization/ Sissification & Femininity Lessons
  • Tease and Denial
  • Sensory & Sensation play
  • Slut Training / Transformation
  • Forced Bi
  • Total Power Exchange & Contracts
  • Predicaments & Challenges
  • Chastity Training / Keyholding
  • Pet Play [I’m a real life equestrian & dedicated dog trainer]
  • Mommy Domming
  • Objectification [human furniture, ashtray, rugs, etc]
  • Edge play [blood, weapons, breath etc]
  • Pheromone & Scent Indoctrination – My underarms are kept natural.
  • Cuckolding & Cuckold Training
  • Ego Assessment & Adjustment
  • & etcetera, according to my whim.


My sadism & lust for ceded power is very real, I don’t consider sessions roleplay because the connection we make is not play-acting. I do, however, enjoy exploring my kinks & our connection in creative scenarios including medical play, sci-fi predicaments, abduction/hostage, castration (Hard Candy, anyone?) & mother/son dynamics. I’m never opposed to hearing a new idea.



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