Welcome Our Guest Domme, Mistress Marah from Atlanta!

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We are happy to be hosting Mistress Marah during Her stay here in Los Angeles! She will be available to book through Our session application – She is only here from February 24th – March 5th, 2018, so apply today to serve the blue-eyed Goddess.

My crystal blue eyes will pierce your soul and decipher your inner-most hidden desires.

I am the woman you see from across the room but are too intimidated to approach. I am the Woman your mother warned you about and your father dreamed of. The one who you want so badly that your loins ache yet you would never dare to look in the eye. If you are fortunate enough to look into My eyes you will feel yourself drowning in the depths of the deep, blue unknown. Not to worry, I will guide you to safe shores.

I am beautiful and seductive. I am intelligent and witty.

I will administer an aching sting with a maternal touch. Many men call me a Goddess, yet I am much, much more.

I am tall, 5’9”, and with my sexy heels on well over 6’1”. I will tower over you!


Serving Us Could Save your Life – literally.

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From the sadistic to the sensual; ball-busting & humiliating – We do it all & We enjoy watching you squirm while We do it. We can take you to the edge of ecstasy and back again and, officially, We can bring you back to life if you happen to go too far.

The BDSM Community prides itself on being Safe, Sane and Consensual. Being part of the community, We also take pride in practicing the same beliefs. Our Dommes have all recently gone through CPR, First Aid  & AED Training and are certified to handle any emergency that may arise.

So give in, let go and never fear the hands you are in – only fear the punishment they dish out. xx



Welcome New Domme Trainee- Anesthesia Secret!

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Isabella continues to grow Our Collective – She has been working hard with new upcoming Mistresses who are thrilled to begin joining sessions with Isabella to get hands-on training and learn the ropes…and whips…and chains.

Please welcome Our new incredible Mistress, Anesthesia Secret!

Anesthesia is a Los Angeles based Hypnodomme/Psychosexual Domina who is certified in Hypnosis & is ready to drop you to your knees with Her phenomenal mind-bending abilities.

If you are looking to try something new in your next session, look no further than the alluring gaze of your Goddess, Anesthesia.

Submit today & request Anesthesia to join your next session with Isabella!



HO HO Holiday Party Saturday, December 16th, 2017!

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We are getting into the Holiday spirit at Domme Collective and Ivy Manor Studios.  Every year we host a Holiday Party (open to kinksters and the kink friendly), dirty Santa gift exchange and invite you to help decorate our tree with (P)orn-aments. We have collected several creative adult themed ornaments over the years so our tree is definitely something to see.

RSVP is a must. 21 and older. First come, first serve. Space is limited.

This isn’t a play party due to the limited space and we put away all of our toys but play does pop up every now and then.

Dirty Santa gift exchange starts at midnight and is hosted by Isabella Sinclaire! To participate, please bring an unmarked and wrapped gift with a average $25 value.






Visiting Dommes

Mistress Tess of the UK available NOVEMBER 5 – 11th, 2017.

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I will be taking sessions at The Ivy Manor NOVEMBER 5 – 11th, 2017. Single, double and multi-mistress sessions available with any lady of the
Domme Collective.

Contact me at

True British Professional Dominatrix. Degree level educated, intelligent and naturally Dominant Seductress. My entire career before Professional Domination was within male orientated environments, leaving Me very well practiced using My prowess in moulding and seducing weak males into doing My biding.

I have a multi faceted personality as a Gemini, on first appearance you see the sweet and bubbly blonde but behind appearances is a smiling sadist, bewitching men and cruelly seducing them into pain for My pleasure. Another side to Me I am very well practiced in the art of sensual domination. Tie, tease and denial is amongst one of My favourites, exploiting your weaknesses to bring you to the edge of insanity.

Avid Female Supremacist using My feminine wiles to manipulate and control the male of the species. My confident sexuality is beguiling, once you are rightfully on your knees at My feet I will use your submission to please Myself, entertain Myself and put you further under My spell.

Domination comes very natural to Me. I never lack imagination and enthusiasm with My work, it’s a very personal thing to Me.
There is no bigger endorphin high than that of the power exchange between a Superior Woman such as Myself and an inferior male, especially using two of My favourite BDSM tools  to subdue you into submission.  Come and find out what they are.

I am not an escort, therefore do not provide personal / sexual services. Purely BDSM involved play only.

Come serve Me in Los Angeles, find your rightful position on your knees at My Louboutin heels. Approach Me respectfully knowing I maybe a Dominant Sensual Sadist but I also am very respectful of limits, expanding them together only if we have discussed to do so.


Contact me at