Miss Kana


I stand 5 ft. 3 inches tall in my stocking feet, with gloriously curvaceous measurements of 36C-27-38. My feet are a perfect size 6.5 in heels, and boots are a size 7. I live to have my creamy olive skin adorned in latex, lace, and leather, and of course, all the luxuries fit for a queen.

I am an elitist born of my ever-expanding imagination combined with world-class education in the hands of internationally renowned Dominatrix, Miss Isabella Sinclaire.

Every time I get asked “What do you enjoy Mistress?, my answer is “Depends on my mood.” Right now I’d say a severely bound and restricted slave laid out in front of me, depending solely on his heightened sense of smell and touch, focused on his breathing, his heart pulsating with each moment of contact, that may be a small taste of heaven. I am extremely controlling. My love lies in the details of restricting your every little action, down to how much air you take in.

I love love love to watch you aching for me and my electric touch, and oh just how desperate you are to suffer for me.

Behind this demure face and luscious feminine body, is a savage beast eager to devour her prey, an Elitist who is impossibly hard to please, although you are most welcome to try.

Submit to me and you shall be liberated in body and spirit.

XO, Kana