Lila Sage


“My work as a lifestyle Mistress has been featured in Playboy magazine, LA Fashion Week, and various BDSM events around the globe.


I am a naturally Dominant woman with a taste for finding the secret places in your mind that you hide from the rest of the world. Your secrets are safe with me.

Described as a psychological seductress and sensual sadist, I lure people in with my soft smile and soothing voice. It all seems innocent until you realize your fate a little too late.

You can resist but why fight when it feels so good to let go?

Relax a little deeper and let me decide.


I use techniques of erotic hypnosis, behavior modification, and my feminine charms to penetrate deeper into your subconscious and lull you into a state of delicious surrender.

Now offering a monthly contract for devoted pets and curious submissives. I have been told my training is quite addictive. Be careful what you wish for.


See why I am popular with those who expect the best.

Email to humbly submit.


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