Isabella Sinclaire

If you are looking for the real thing, your search is over. My skill and experience as a Dominatrix are only matched by My extraordinary imagination and hypnotic beauty. I carry Myself with the grace and confidence of true female superiority. My eyes will paralyze you, My smell will intoxicate you, My voice will leave you trembling in fear and My touch will render you completely docile, helpless and capable of releasing your true submissive desires and your need to worship. You will soon come to understand why I am revered as one of the top Domina’s in the world.

As an intelligent and complex Woman, My mood can range from seductively sensual to intensely severe. I will treat novices with the understanding and patience that they need, and will give veterans the thorough training they deserve. Your limits will always be respected.

Over the years, I have mastered the essential tools of the trade. I can use a bullwhip with deadly accuracy, and can rope a slave with the skill of a sailor. I can string you up in the center of the room – completely naked and vulnerable to My sadistic whim; or completely encase you in rubber or leather.

My multi-room dungeon, The Ivy Manor, is fully equipped for every fetish and fantasy that interests Me, so those slaves that come for training will be completely at My disposal. I enjoy extended and overnight stays as My facility is equipped with sleeping accommodations including two full bathrooms and a full kitchen.

A small sampling of My interests are highlighted below.

First time client? I have a full session application available on My website that will need to be filled out prior to making an appointment with Me.  Session Application

  • CBT (kicking/ weight stretching/ crushing/ bondage/ flogging/ electro)
  • Sensual play (prolonged teasing & denial / hot wax/ ice)
  • Devious devices (metal/ electrical devices/ claws)
  • Chastity training (short or long term) I have over 10 devices so one is sure to fit
  • Nipple torment (Clamps/ clothespins/ weights)
  • Foot, leg, boot and heel worship
  • Trampling (spike heels, bare feet, stocking feet, boots)
  • Intricate and inescapable bondage (rope/ saran wrap/ tape/ leather bondage/ leather/ chain restraints)
  • Corporal punishment and discipline
  • Strike play (mild to intense – Single tail  / Bullwhips / Braided / multi-tail / leather / rubber whips/ Caning/ paddling with wooden, leather, brushes, Lucite, etc. )
  • Domestic training (pedicures/ cleaning/ old fashion over the knee spankings/ hair pulling)
  • Sensory deprivation and overload (mouth devices/ blindfolds/ hoods/ body bags, mummification)
  • Electrical play and Violet Wand
  • Humiliation (Spitting/ Slapping/ Verbal Abuse/ human furniture/ human punching bag)
  • Forced feminization (sissy and maid training / cross dressing)
  • Medical exploration
  • Tickle torture
  • Slave training (positions/ postures/ mannerisms/ attitude adjustments/ chastity training/ assignments)
  • Equestrian /pony training/dog /puppy training
  • Creative Role-play and psychodrama (I love role-play, in particular prisoner interrogation and hostage fantasies)

Booking instructions: If I have seen you before, you may email for my new number.  Only established clients will be given a direct contact number for me.


If I have never seen you before, you must fill out a session application to be reviewed and approved to move forward with an audition to serve.

Tributes as of January 2019:

30 Min – $180

1 hour – $350

1.5 hours – $500

2 hours – $600

3 hours – $850

4 hours – $1100

Every additional hour is $200

I require a security deposit on all first time sessions, evening sessions and weekend appointments. No same day appointments for first time subs. Deposits required. Weekend sessions are available, however all weekend session requests should be submitted with deposit sent by Friday 7PM latest as I do not regularly check my emails over the weekend.

Double Domme/Dom and group sessions are available by request.

Social Media:

Instagram @theisabellasinclaire

Twitter: @gwenmedia