Daemon Bathory

If you seek submitting yourself to a true sadist, look no further. My intrinsic nature is to take control, with my power rooted in an ethic of consent. Daemon Bathory stands at the intersection of pleasure and pain, safety and fear.

My sessions are based on duel acknowledgement and communication. I learn your interests/limits, and from that foundation, do what ever I like.

My striking handsomeness is rivaled only by my advanced intellect. There are many vessels of power, my favorite being the psyche.

Whether a curious novice or a dedicated veteran, I find pleasure in exploring the limits of my submissive. I’m attracted to intensity and value commitment.

I am a present, focused dominant; my disposition ranges from lighthearted and sadistically playful, to rigidly austere and authoritarian.

My priorities are my pleasure, and your safety. Underneath my boot, you’ll forget who you are, and come into a whole new level of the self.


My interests include, but are not limited to:

Cock and ball torture

Nipple torture

Boot worship

Impact play


Humiliation and blackmail

Sensory deprivation

Slave training

Puppy training


Medical play and piercing

Electric play



Accepts male and female clients as well as couples.