Bella Bathory

What to expect while in My service…
I believe a great session happens when all limits are discussed, both parties are eager, and we are able to build a scene around our shared interests, your first and foremost interest being my pleasure. I particularly enjoy elaborate role-play scenarios, and I have the wardrobe to suit any role I slip into that day. I am the militant Mistress of your dreams, I am the emasculating Stepford wife, I am the Barbie doll you will never get to play with, I am the cheerleader that laughs at your underwhelming member. I am everything you’ve ever craved and I love to deny you.
8948715e5ec6db910800f0f867b56aadMy Fetishes:
Role Play
Financial Domination
Corporal Punishment
Over the Knee Spankings
Balloon Blowing and Popping
Cuckold Fetish
Religious Scenarios
Nipple Torture
Dog and Pony Training
Tease and Denial
Medical Play
Foot Worship
Body Worship
Sensory Deprivation
Fantasy Wrestling
Smoking and Human Ash Tray

 If you do not see your fetish listed, feel free to respectfully contact us to discuss it.
 Phone bookings:   (818) 643-7246
Email correspondence:
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