Athena Fatale

I am a whip-smart and strikingly beautiful Dominatrix with a penchant for pleasure and pain. My pleasure, your pain. Look in to My dark brown eyes and you will quickly find yourself entranced. Seduction is My greatest weapon, one I will use to My advantage. Before you know it, you are kneeling before Me, trembling with anticipation, desperate for a glimpse of the long legged 5’9” Goddess towering over you. Is there anything you won’t do to please Me? I’ll soon find out.

My style of play varies depending on My mood and your attitude. I can be playfully perverted, sadistically sensual, mercilessly cruel, or all of the above. If I’m not going to have fun in a session, it’s not worth My time. A genuine sadist and fetishist, I derive pleasure from pushing My slaves’ buttons and limits. While I love nothing more than a true masochist, I understand not everyone can endure the pain I long to give. I will simply find other ways to make you suffer for My amusement.

I enjoy a wide variety of disciplines and fetishes, some of which include:

  • Bondage – rope, leather, metal, mummification, immobilization
  • Corporal punishment – OTK spanking, paddles, canes
  • Flogging & whipping – sensual to severe
  • Sensory deprivation & stimulation – what you don’t see CAN hurt you
  • Foot fetish – foot & boot worship, bare feet, trampling, ball busting
  • Nipple torture – nipple clamps, weights, and of course My fingers
  • CBT – bondage, impact play, clamps, weights, kicking, crushing
  • Financial domination – spoil Me, slave!
  • Tease & denial – your frustration amuses and arouses Me
  • Domestication – service protocol, maid training, houseboy,
    shopping slave
  • Humiliation – verbal & physical. I’m laughing at you, not with you
  • Chastity play – bad boys get locked up
  • Physical domination – punching, kicking, slapping, shoving, choking
  • Forced feminization – cross-dressing, emasculation, femininity training
  • Role-play – bitchy boss lady, blackmailing secretary, sadistic school principal, seductress next door. Let’s have some fun!

Booking Instructions:  Fill out a session application and it will be forwarded to me.  If I approve you, I will contact you directly.