Anesthesia Secret

I’m an instinctual & artful Domina, a female supremacist, and a certified & practicing hypnotherapist. I have devoted My life to unlocking the depths of the subconscious through these expressions and disciplines, as I find them unspeakably powerful & transcendental. With the combination of My skills, intuition & hyper-empathy, I find My way into the channels of both your physical body & psyche. I’m imaginative, authentic & sharp. I have been called a witch, a dakini, a sorceress, and a true face of the Goddess. It is an unquestionable calling of Mine to deconstruct the heteropatriarchy by re-routing sexual norms and showing men to their knees. I am down to earth, but stay humble with Me; for the ease I lend communication is among many of the trap doors in My temple. My subtle and poignant methods will undoubtedly push your limits and leave you begging for mercy & more.
Curating psychological and sensory experiences for a submissive, the demise of the other, is My natural and unsurpassed passion. I gain My power by encompassing you, throwing silk threads around your brain. I luxuriate in disabling your mind. My pleasure becomes your pleasure and you suddenly find that your submission to Me is the key to unraveling another world. What you learn from Me will transform you.

Hypnosis is My specialty. I find that utilizing this method amplifies both sensory and psychological experiences. With that said, I truly relish—a great many approaches to scaling you and your manhood down to size and reprogramming unsavory behaviors. I reckon, in any event, we will explore more than you can imagine over time.

Taking time to establishing intimacy and appropriate pacing are integral to My process—and I prefer you feel the same if you are interested in requesting a session with Me.   
My interests include, but are not limited to:
Hypnosis:  (trance, worship, brainwashing, NLP, triggers, altered states, amnesia, psychic bondage, torture, reprogramming, behavioral modification)
Feminization (makeovers, full transformation, lessons) / Gender Play / Sissy & Slut Training  / Cuckolding 
Verbal Humiliation  / Teasing
Slave Training   /  Domestic Training     
Chastity Training
Financial Domination  /   Manipulation
Blackmail  /  Interrogation 
Religious Play (de/re-programming, blasphemy, goddess worship, occult fetishes, confession, ritual)
Tease & Denial
Pheromone Training
Role play / Psychodrama
Sensory Play (wax/ice, sound, deprivation, overload, sadistic experimentation, torture)
Breath Play
Impact Play (flogging, caning, paddling, spankings)
Face Slapping / Spitting
Nipple Torture
Dental / Medical Experimentation    
Restraint / Bondage 
Human Furniture / Objectification 
Tickle Torture
Foot/Shoe Worship / Body Worship (at my discretion)
Puppy / Pet Training & Play
For booking, send polite inquiry to: