An Li


A session with Me will have you quickly realizing that things are not as they seem…

My petite frame and delicate face belie an intense complexity and sadistic humor. Do not be fooled by my deceptively innocent appearance – I am a dominant, through and through, using My facade to lure you into a false sense of security, ready to toy with your deepest desires. And I won’t stop there.

My feminine curves and intoxicating fragrance will leave you entirely spellbound. My unwavering stare, the twinkle in My eyes as I watch you struggle, has been known to disorient the most stalwart. My touch, both gentle and cruel, causes goose bumps in its wake. My dulcet voice breathing down your ear, whispering sweet and confusing nothings, serves only to bewitch you into submission. And My smile…My smile may be the most enchanting of them all.

Like a game of cat and mouse, I take sadistic glee in watching My subjects strive to stay afloat while I remain in control. We all know who will win in the end. You are My object of entertainment, and this fact will soon become evident, perhaps when I am the one giggling while you are the one floundering. (And laugh I will!)

I live to play and come alive in the heat of the session. I’ve played with novices and seasoned veterans, from heavy to light, and take pride in My versatility – as long as I am dominant, I am at home. Few things are too taboo…in fact, the freakier, the better. Let Me dig into the recesses of your fantasies to create something singular and unstoppable.

Follow Me on a journey we won’t soon forget.

I indulge in…

  • Corporal punishment (all implements/methodologies)
  • Bondage (leather, rope, rubber, mummification, predicament, etc.)
  • Humiliation
  • Medical play
  • Spitting
  • Wrestling/beat downs
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Electrical play
  • Smoking/human ashtray
  • Slave training
  • Cross dressing & sissy play
  • Role plays
  • Chastity
  • Tease & denial
  • Puppy play
  • Boot & foot worship
  • Sensual domination
  • Body worship
  • Scent play
  • Hypnosis
  • Tickle torture

…and so much more. Don’t see your fetish? Don’t be shy – inquire and you may receive.

xx An Li


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Special instructions.

– No same day appointments for first time subs. Deposits required. Weekend sessions are available, however all weekend session requests should be submitted with deposit sent by Friday 7PM latest as I do not regularly check my emails over the weekend.

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