Aine Patrick


I am a multi-faceted, open-minded, yet FIRM Mistress who TRULY loves annihilating you.

I am a Sadist and a Tease.

I am a Nurturer and an Antagonist.

I am Sweetly Sinister.

I am Sensually Sadistic.

I am both your Inspiration and your Demise.

I consider every session an opportunity to use my powers as a guide… To guide you to your cerebral and physical edge…and to shape you to my will. Through your submission, I will help you to draw upon the submissive that lies deep within you. Together we shall explore your desires and I will decide where my interests overlap with your secret longings, I will tantalize and expose your vulnerabilities. My abilities allow me to effortlessly take you to the edge of your limits and expand their boundaries. Ultimately you may be released back out into the world with a deeper understanding of yourself, but most certainly a deeper understanding of where you stand in my world. 

I relish in watching you wiggle and writhe, helpless, powerless, and under my complete control.

My fetishes include but are not limited to the following. If you don’t see something you are interested in, feel free to inquire.

* Bondage/Restraints

* Corporal Punishment


* Coaching

* Ball Busting

* Heavy Impact Play

* Interrogation

* Role Playing

* Foot, Leg, Armpit Worship

* Shoe/Boot/Heel Worship

* Pantyhose/Stocking Fetish

* Humiliation

* Sensory Deprivation 

* Sensation/Temperature Play

* Electrical Play

* Sissy Training

* Forced Feminization

* Trampling

* Flogging

* Paddling


* Caning

* Cropping

* Face Slapping/Spitting 

* Objectification


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